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Modern software for modern schools

Schcube is the best software platform for running a modern school. We handle the entire school process for forward-thinking schools.



With Schcube all school data need only be entered once, from which point it becomes perpetually accessible to all authorized users. We archive all relevant school information so that it may be easily retrieved at anytime from anywhere in the world. With this, the platform solves one of the most pressing concerns of modern schools.



Conduct Computer Based Test (CBT) by having instructors type questions or pick from Question Bank.

Question Bank

Our Question Bank contains 61,605 questions that cuts across examination boards and subject.


Schcube allows you view all termly scores of students, historical and current, with a single tap.

Fee Payment

Students fees can be paid using a valid payment card. Schcube also supports auto debit.

Inventory Control

The school's stock of uniforms and books can be easily monitored using the feature.

Send Messages

Schcube allows schools send bulk sms and emails from within their Schcube dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my school
need Schcube?

There are several reasons why we
think every school should use
Schcube, a primary reason is that
it is the easiest way for schools to
innovate and upgrade.

What type of schools
can use Schcube?

Schcube was designed for schools
of every size and class. It handles
Nursery, Primary and Secondary
Schools. It, however, currently does
not support tertiary institutions.

Can I run multiple schools
from one Schcube Account?

Absolutely! No matter the number
of schools you control all you need
is a single Schcube account. Be it
Primary or Secondary, One Schcube
account to rule them all!

How Large is Schcube's
Question Bank?

There are 61,605 questions in our
Question Bank across 40 subjects
From different examination boards.
The QB is constantly grows as new
questions are added termly.

Can Schcube generate
bills and receipts?

Yes it can! Using school payment
details and student payment data,
the software can generate correct
bills and receipts which may then
be printed at anytime by the school.

How much does it cost
to use Schcube?

To make it easy for schools, Schcube
charges 500 per child per term.
So the actual cost for a school will
depends on the number of students it
has in enrollment.

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