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Schcube is an online based school information management software service created to help schools manage their data in a more efficient manner.

The Problem

Every year schools generate a tremendous amount of data revolving mostly around their students and how they perform during assessments. Example of such generated data would include things like name, age and address of new intake which are all personal information about the student. Aside from this personal data, schools also need to deal with huge assessment information like students’ test scores, examination scores, class attendance etc. All these information need to be captured, processed and archived in some way.

The Old Solution

In order to manage all the information it generates, most schools rely on manual means of processing information which simply involve the capturing of information by having them written on paper and then filed into some cabinet for safe keeping. The problem with such a system is that because it is done manually, it takes a lot of resources- time and money- to get simple tasks, like printing students’ results, effectively done. Also since the system is paper based, it usually results in the generation of huge pile of paper that can become rather monstrous to handle in a matter of years. This system also lends itself to the loss and misplacement of useful piece of information due largely to the fact that paper may be easily destroyed if not properly handled.

The Schcube Solution

Schcube was created to address these concerns. It attempts to do this by providing an organized and efficient computer based system that allows the capture and access of relevant school information electronically. In other words, it aims to digitize schools’ information processing. The Schcube system advocates what it calls the single capture-multiple access approach to information processing. With this approach, it means that relevant information, personal or assessment based, would be captured just once and made accessible to anyone from anywhere at all times. Users of the Schcube platform would be able to manipulate captured information simply by interacting with the application on their internet enabled devices.