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Last Updated: 11/13/2019


For the purpose of this document, the parties involved shall herein be recognized as follows: Schcube shall be referred to as the app or Schcube or the platform while the School that uses Schcube shall be referred to as the school. A person that interacts with the application will be referred to as a user.


Schcube shall serve as an online platform for the school. In this capacity, the app shall provide a cloud based school management software to the school as a service to be paid for on termly bases. The Schcube package shall allow the school conduct Computer Based Test (CBT), fill and retrieve all relevant students’ data or information, generate students’ results and track vital school inventories, like books and uniforms. The app shall also make it possible to monitor school fees payment. All these services shall continue to be provided by Schcube to the school for as long as the terms of this contract remain valid.


Schcube shall continue to make its app accessible to the school’s staff and student at all-time except when there is a default in payment by the school. There shall be an early notice given to the school whenever maintenance work is to be carried out on the app which may require that its server be put offline.


In the event that the school experiences difficulty with using the Schcube app, the school may call on Schcube from time to time for technical support. Schcube shall also be responsible for providing training to the school’s staff to enable them understand and proficiently use the app.


The school shall pay Schcube the agreed amount per student as a termly charge. The total amount payable per term for the service shall then be arrived at by multiplying the agreed per student charge by the total number of student being processed by the school with the app. The payment shall either be made as a single payment before examination commences or in two instalments, one before examination and the balance at the end of the school’s examination.


Schcube will not under any circumstance divulge sensitive school’s data without express permission by the school’s management. The app may however maintain a database of CBT questions in its question bank and make same available to all schools on the Schcube network.